In the process of work of mechanisms, filters, pipelines, grids and other elements, dirt is being accumulated in the form of grease, dust, and various solid particles. Moreover, the internal environment of ventilation systems can lead to the growth of bacteria. Gamma Tech specialists practice complex maintenance of HVAC systems, that ensure their long-term, uninterrupted work. Complex of work includes microclimate measurement, identification of contamination level, cleaning of internal air-conditioning systems and elimination of growth medium for bacteria and fungus, preventing the spread of viruses. Despite cleaning the following actions take place:

  • Exterior and interior blocks inspection, as well as connecting pipelines check.

  • Electronic control system check.

  • Equipment work modes check.

  • Electric links inspection.

  • Inspection of heat exchanger in order to remove amassed bacteria and odors, with the purpose of its disinfection.

  • Reliability of fixtures check.

  • Replacement of life-expired details by new ones.

  • Filling air conditioners and split-systems.

Maintenance of systems, first of all air conditioners, should be carried out minimum twice a year: in the beginning of the intense use season, before load peak itself, and after its end. A special attention should be paid to the inspection of aggregates, filter cleaning and freon refueling where necessary.

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