The quality of water is defined by the list of substances and admixtures that are being present in water, and all in all everything is subject to the corresponding regulations. First of all, drinking water should be cleared from unhealthy microorganisms, harmless by chemical water composition in terms of radiation ratio. At the same time the approach to water treatment cannot be everywhere the same. The differences are stipulated by the water composition and requirements to its quality. Requirements to water, that are used in different industries and specific productions, differ a lot. Gamma Tech specialists carry out technical audit on each specific project, develop and offer solutions to a client, based on own expert knowledge and world experience. Currently Gamma Tech offers solutions for the following sectors of economy:

  • Food industry.

  • Light industry.

  • Energetics.

  • Oil industry.

  • Gas industry.

  • Mechanical engineering.

  • Chemical industry.

  • Agriculture.

  • Medicine, pharmaceutics.

  • Fragrance industry.

  • Beauty salons, SPA-saloons, recreation complexes, hotels.

  • Means of water and air transport.

  • Individual clients (owners of villas and apartments).

Gamma Tech uses a wide range of technical solutions in its work in terms of water treatment.

Nowadays one of the most optimal methods of water desalination in economic and technical aspects is executed with the help of reverse osmosis apparatus (membrane technologies). The cycle of cleaning includes microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and process of reverse osmosis. The major element of such apparatus is membrane of reverse osmosis. This membrane has pores of specific size, through which only water molecules can go and salt compounds cannot as the size of molecules is approximately the same as water size.

With the help of this method, relatively easy and low cost method of water purification from multiple impurities is possible. In particular, the water is cleared from the salts like nitrates, chlorides, fluorides, sulfates and etc.


Sewage Water Treatment

Sewage treatment is among the major priorities of cities and industrial enterprises. In the context of increasing ecologic challenges, use of the state-of-art technologies in various sectors becomes more and more topical. Gamma Tech offers supply, setup and maintenance of equipment with preliminary dosage of oxidants, coagulants and flocculants, which remove up to 95% of mechanical impurities, oil products and grease. Treated in such a way water is usually used for industrial needs and irrigation.

Gamma Tech provides full range of services in water treatment, including design development works, supply, installation, starting-up and adjustment works, service and major modernization, and apparatus and plants repairs of various complexity. Solutions we offer are in line with international quality standards and time-tested, our partners in water treatment are leaders in their field.

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