Extraction of oil and gas is being a complicated technological process, including directly drilling, preparation of well, its maintenance, ensuring the flow of oil by bed and so on. The use of specialized chemicals increases the effectiveness of execution of each of these stages.

Gamma Tech offers its clients a wide range of products from the largest world producers. Chemicals for drilling and extraction are subdivided into several groups:

  • Additives to oilrig solutions.

  • Products for well’s shaft cementation.

  • Chemicals for stimulation the movement of oil and gas.

  • Chemicals for enhanced recovery.

Additives to oilrig solutions

Biocides, flocculants, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, defoamer additives, emulsifiers and scale inhibitors. Special additives for mortars aimed at improving the resilience to temperature shifts.

Products for well’s shaft cementation

While cementation a well’s shaft, the task of pumping mortar to deep depths arises. In this case, the use of special additives is required, which would block early solidification of mortar and would ensure steadiness to high depth temperatures.

Special chemicals for stimulation the movement of oil and gas

These chemicals increase permeability of rock by means of its split. Corrosion inhibitors ensure the effective protection of the construction and work equipment from the influence of aggressive environment, first of all from the influence of acid baths.

Chemicals for enhanced recovery

These chemicals are represented in the form of polymers for aqueous solutions’ preparation in the process of low-density and medium-density oil extraction. Multiple surfactant species are used to increase oil recovery at the oilfield with difficult conditions. These substances are injected into ledges and stimulate further oil release and resettlement in them. At present, new compositions for high-viscous oil are developed.

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