The main task of oil and gas initial preparation is the separation of oil and gas from multiple admixtures, being present in the emulsion from well. At some oilfields the presence of water can reach 90%. The use of high-performance separation admixtures can resolve the tasks of clearing water-oil mixtures.

The second group of substances is a set of special inhibitors used to prevent crystallization. In the oil production, the danger of pipelines’ blockage is preconditioned by crystal-like paraffin precipitation, in gas-extraction – by processes of gas-hydrates crystal formation. The use of inhibitors prevents the development of these processes and ensures uninterrupted work of extraction and transportation equipment.

One of the most important goals in the choice of chemicals for oil extraction and oil refinery is their equivalence to the current tasks and conditions of projects. Gamma Tech specialists, that have completed studies in the companies-suppliers’ training centers, provide support to customers, by consulting them on all new products in the specific segment. They are also developing unique approaches, when standard set doesn’t suggest necessary solutions. Gamma Tech is not limited to supply of chemicals and reagents only, but also offers qualified consultants to be used in specific projects.

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