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About the company

Gamma Tech is specializing in the area of oil and gas, air-conditioning and water treatment sector. We pride ourselves in understanding and indentifying with our clients' needs and that is the advantage of working with our company. We offer the most optimal solutions from leading manufacturers with whom we have trusted and long-term partnerships and cooperation.

We believe that personnel is the key to success to any operation together with the understanding that a two way communication is the driving force between mutually beneficial and productive relationships.This is why we pay special attention to recruitment and staff development skills and this is reflected in quality of our services.

Experience and reputation is the foundation of our business and this is the reason we are focused on establishing of long-term relationships with our partners.

Gamma Tech is an exclusive distributor of products from leading companies in their field of specialization. Our company is a preferred service provider for our clients when experience, reliability and quality are the main criteria of choice.